Dirk Brosse [b.1960]: A Portrait in Music


Brosse, Millennium Overture - for orchestra; Principals - for orchestra; El Golpe Fatal - for orchestra; Music in Mycology - for orchestra; Symphony No. 1 [Artesia]; La Soledad de América Latina - for cello and orchestra; Black, White and in Between - for violin and strings; Elegy - for cello and strings; War Concerto - for clarinet and orchestra; Sophia - symphonic poem for violin and orchestra; The Birth of Music - for narrator and ensemble; Sacco and Vanzetti - musical excerpts; Kuifje de Zonnetempel - musical excerpts; Rembrandt de Musical - musical excerpts; Musical Daens - musical excerpts; Flanders International Filmfestival - overture for orchestra; Boerenpsalm - excerpts from the soundtrack; Daens - excerpts from the film score; Marie - overture and excerpts from the film score; Koko Flanel - excerpts from the film score; When the Light Comes - excerpts from the film score; Knetter - excerpts from the film score; Samaritan - excerpt from the film score; The Kavijaks - excerpts from the film score; Brod Ludaka - excerpt from the film score; Landuyt cyclus - for voice and orchestra; Eppur si Muove To My Secret Inspiration - for piano; The Dandi March - for brass ensemble; Meditation - for oboe and strings; Tango Tout Court - for violin, accordion and clarinet; Amalgest Mu Yang Gu Niang - for violin and orchestra; Artesia - for voice, sitar, tabla, flute, derbouka and percussion; Hommage a Frederic Chopin - for piano; Mustafa - for voice, accordion, violin and piano; Broken Dream - for piano and mouth organ; Springen - for trumpet, piano, bass and drums. (Performing artists include Belgian Brass, London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic, Rotterdam Philharmonic et al.) read more
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